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Can I Afford my Dream Car?

Get Finance Approved First

Let us handle the hard part by getting you finance-approved first. We will use this to your advantage when negotiating between various vehicle dealerships and sellers to obtain the best deal for you.

Here’s how we can get you the best vehicle & finance deals.

What Makes Us Different

Personal Car & Specialists

We find the best car, finance and trade-in deals on your behalf.

The Lowest Interest Rate

We offer an expert vehicle loan comparison service by applying at multiple banks, making one credit enquiry to secure the lowest interest rates.

Knowledge of Dealer Markups

We use our industry knowledge involving dealership markups, retail & trade values, including all dealer fees and incentives when negotiating for a better price on a new or pre-owned vehicle.

True Dealer Costs

We employ our tried and tested formula to calculate the True Dealer Cost on any new vehicle and use this as leverage to negotiate better deals.

Private-to-Private Finance

We facilitate safe and secure private vehicle finance with ease to ensure peace of mind for both the buyer and seller, even if you are complete strangers.