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Refer. Reward. Repeat.

Earn R 2 500.00 just by sharing!

Refer a friend and Earn! Fill in your (and their) details below and you could earn up to R 2 500 in cash once full conditions are met.*

Most Important "Refer a Friend" Conditions

We will pay out the R 2 500.00 in cash when

The friend you referred gets final finance approval and accepts the terms of finance signing the contract with the bank, as presented by a U Sorted F&I Manager.

Your friend should be aware of the referral

Before submitting your friend or family members details, make sure they are aware of the referral and that you have their consent.

Take note

1 x successful referral = R 2 500.00 payout

We'll pay the referral amount 30 days after the first monthly premium from your friend has been deducted.

We've got you sorted

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